About this website, Guitars Zone website showcases anything Edwin has encountered about guitars. This includes guitar demos and reviews, guitar accessories, guitar fingerstyle cover, tutorials and slow demo, guitar setup and maintenance, and other related products. This may also include products that are for sale.

Info from Edwin-E of Guitars Zone:

This website is about my guitar journey.

My name is Edwin (most people know me in YouTube as Edwin-E, http://youtube.com/EdwinEGuitar. I would like to give you a little background about myself related to guitar. My interest in playing guitar started at when I was young. I was in Grade 1 when I started playing simple chords and strumming. My teacher requested me to play in school stage when I was in Grade 3 while my cousin sang.  It was a very memorable performance.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any picture of myself playing guitar when I was a kid.

During Christmas season of those years, we used to go house to house singing Christmas carols for a little penny. Unlike other kids which used only flattened bottle tops and stick as their instruments, I played guitar while my friends sang, thus we got more money.

I continued playing guitar until I reached high school where I was chosen to accompany our school choir. I was awarded medal for being choir guitarist. During those days, only few students were interested in playing guitar. Those were the days where no internet and we rely on Jingle  Song Hits for the chords or try to learn the song by ear.

I stopped playing when I started my College degree. I was so busy with my studies and lost interest on guitars. At some stage, I purchased an acoustic guitar but I seldom used it. I carried this guitar with me when I moved to another country. I had one YouTube video with this guitar.Epiphone AJ220S

My guitar attraction came back and started when I purchased Epiphone AJ220S acoustic guitar.  Click the guitar image to learn more about this guitar.

After that, I kept on visiting various guitar shops in my area, learning various brands and models. I started buying and trying out various brands.  The second guitar I bought was Takamine G Series Solid Top guitar, and so on. But I cannot keep all guitars.  So, I ended up buying and selling guitars so that I can play, try, test as many guitars as possible.

Follow my guitar journey, In this Guitars Zone blog, I show various guitar demos and reviews, guitar fingerstyle cover, tutorials, and slow demonstration. I love to share to others what I can play. I am not a pro but watching others learn from me is a big fulfillment.

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